Relationship with Food: Identity (Part 1)

Who are you when you sit down to eat?

Are you the child who must finish everything on your plate if you want to have pudding?

Are you the rebel who instinctively rejects everything on the menu because it's constraining your choices?

Are you the victim who has had yet another miserable day and it was all someone else's fault?

Are you the perfectionist who has got up from the table 3 times already to move the candles / adjust the place settings / turn the music up, then down?

The sulky teenager, the self-righteous judge, the ravenous wolf, the deliberate saboteur?

These are all personas that we can inhabit from time to time and it can be a bit of fun to tune in and notice which one of them is dominant as you pick up your cutlery.

And if you can identify who you are in that moment, have a think about why that character is showing up. What might that character need? What message does it have for you? What could you do to help that character feel soothed without letting it take over?

Especially if you have challenges around emotional eating or binge eating; try consciously bringing your inner adult to the table instead of the demanding child. How would your inner adult respond to the food in front of you? How could you use that character to nourish yourself better?

No-one shows up to eat unless invited. Who are you going to invite yourself to be at your next meal?


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