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Director of Customer Experience

“I’ve been practicing my observations even more, stepping back and really noticing, it’s amazing how easy life really can be when you just stand back and take notice – if only I had clicked on to that earlier 😊

I now realise that 99% of what was causing me angst was ME! The stuff I make up in my head, the inner voice I listened to like it was THE GOD! I don’t have that voice very much now, it’s gone quiet which I can only put down to our work and me doing my homework!

It’s amazing what we make up in our heads of what we ‘have’ to do – I’m free to choose and if I don’t like it then change it – that simple!”


Retired Lead Business Analyst

“I've known Susan for many years and have always trusted and valued her opinion as well as her integrity. I recently had a coaching session with Susan and both useful and enjoyable. Susan's very well suited to the coaching role with a calm and friendly demeanour. Her ability to guide you towards greater personal insight and clarity is excellent. I'm more than happy to recommend her.”


Co-Founder YOUths Matter

“Susan exemplifies the core qualities of a truly remarkable coach. Her ability to listen actively alongside demonstrating genuine empathy means you get someone who is there for you and you alone. She has this natural ability to unlock deep routed blockers by asking simple questions which means I’ve learned so much about myself since meeting her just over a year ago.. and still she is my anchor. Touch base with her and you’ll get what I mean.”


Internal Audit Manager

“Thought provoking, insightful, supportive.... Just some of the words to describe my recent coaching session with Susan. Would highly recommend this for anyone interested in coaching as a way to explore yourself and your future direction.”


Account Director

“Susan is a wonderful coach - challenging, supportive, questioning. She helped me reflect on difficult situations to understand why these affected me so deeply and how I could learn from them. We used a variety of coaching tools and techniques to assist me to understand my unique combination of strengths and how I might chose to make the most of them. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who wants to explore who they are and who they might become!”

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"


Ralph Waldo Emmerson

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